• TPE/TPU/TPR Elastomer Extruder Line

TPE/TPU/TPR Elastomer Extruder Sale

TPE/TPU/TPR elastomer extruder line customized for making elastomer, Our twin screw extruder designed for these elastomer making can replace kneader which help you save more money and power. If you want to make TPE/TPU/TPR, contact us, we can provide better solution for you

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Twin Screw Extruder For TPE/TPU/TPR Elastomer
KTE series elastomer twin screw extruder with underwater pelletizing system which can replace old processing Kneader, Our solution can be easier and save more money than old processing.  

Advantages of Our Elastomer Twin Screw Extruder

  • Good Dispersion and Compounding
  • Save more Money and Power
  • Non Moisture Contains in End Pellet
  • Easy Operation and More Stable

Main Model & Specification


There are 5 different cutting type for different application, we can customize better solution for your business.

Water-cooling Strands Cutting Type

Air-cooling Hot-face cutting type

Water-ring Hot-face cutting type

Air-cooling strands cutting type

Underwater Pelletizing type

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