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PVB Film Extrusion Line Sale

PVB Glass Interlayer film is mainly used for making interlayer safety-glass and the application of safety-glass is also very widely used. In the auto industry, PVB film is the main material of making windshield glass. The PVB Glass Interlayer Film is also used widely in the construction industry because of its characteristics of safety, heat-preservation, noise control and UV radiation isolated. 


PVB Film Extrusion Line For Sale ( From 1m to 3m width )

PVB glass interlayer film has the following five characteristics:

  • Safety: Puncture proof because of the impact-absorbing characteristic of the flexible middle layer
  • Security : Often used in security glass
  • Sound insulation: It is very good for sound insulation because its excellente sound-wave isolation properties
  • Anti-UV radiation: Keeps the furniture, plastics and textile from getting faded and aged, for it can absorb above 99% of the UV radiation
  • Energy saving: It can reduce the transmission of sun-light effectively and is excellent for heat insulation, too


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