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PET Flakes Pelletizing Line Sale

PET Flakes recycling and pelletizing line is important for the IV (Index of Viscosity), We designed special twin screw extruder for PET flakes pelletizing which can keep good IV (Over 0.65 if your flakes is 0.7) and good output, we have sold over 50 lines for PET flakes

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Twin Screw Extruder For PET Flakes Pelletizing
If you are looking for good pelletizing extruder for PET flakes, ONPLAS is your good choice, from June, 2017, we spent more than 3 months to test special extruder for PET flakes, Finally we found a good solution which can keep good IV and color for PET flakes recycling. Now we have more than 50 lines running in the world, this line is special designed for PET flakes which has special vacuum system, screw configuration, temperature control and speed control. We guarantee you will get good pellet with high IV and good color

Advantages of Our PET Flakes Twin Screw Extruder Pelletizing Line

  • Good IV Kept and Good Output
  • Good Color For End Pellet
  • Special Vacuum System and Screw Configuration
  • Easy Operation and More Stable

Main Model & Specification


There are 5 different cutting type for different application, we can customize better solution for your business.

Water-cooling Strands Cutting Type

Air-cooling Hot-face cutting type

Water-ring Hot-face cutting type

Air-cooling strands cutting type

Underwater Pelletizing type

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