• Lab Twin Screw Extruder Sale

Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder Sale

Our KTE-20 Laboratory twin screw extruder is designed for lab use, output 2-10kg per hour. Our this lab extruder has many advantages than others like good price, easy operation, low noise, little space need. We sell more than 50 sets each year for this lab extruder

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Lab Twin Screw Extruder For Sale
KTE-20 lab twin screw extruder is designed for lab use, it has same function like big extruder, you can make sample testing use this extruder. We also can provide lab injection molding machine, lab blow film machine, two roll mill, lab hydraulic press etc. 

Advantages of Our Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder

  • Good Price and Low Power Consumption
  • Low Noise and Little Space Request
  • Uniform and Beautiful End Pellet
  • Easy Operation and More Stable

Main Model & Specification

laboratory twin screw extruder


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