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Color Masterbatch Extruder Sale

Color Masterbatch compounding extruder line is designed for making various color masterbatch (except black), Our extruder can disperse and compound better than a normal extruder. 

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Twin Screw Extruder For Color Masterbatch
KTE series color masterbatch special designed for various color masterbatch making, like red, green, blue, white, yellow etc. For color masterbatch making, the screw configuration design and gearbox speed is very important for dispersing pigments and base carriers. ONPLAS has full experience in this application, each year we sold more than 50 lines for color masterbatch, our customer including Holland Colours (Indonesia Branch), Prisma Colour (UK) etc. You can get better solution for your color masterbatch business

Advantages of Our Color Masterbatch Twin Screw Extruder

  • Good Dispersion and Compounding
  • Easy Solution For Cleaning the Screw
  • Uniform and Beautiful End Pellet
  • Easy Operation and More Stable

Main Model & Specification

There are 5 different cutting type for different application, we can customize better solution for your business.

Water-cooling Strands Cutting Type

Air-cooling Hot-face cutting type

Water-ring Hot-face cutting type

Air-cooling strands cutting type

Underwater Pelletizing type

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